Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tanagra - Version 1.4.43

A few bugs have been fixed and some new features added.

The computed contributions of individuals in PCA (PRINCIPAL COMPONENT ANALYSIS) have been corrected. It was not valid when we work on a subsample of our data file. This error has been reported by Mr. Gilbert Laffond.

The standardization of the factors after VARIMAX (FACTOR ROTATION) have been corrected so that their variance coincides with the sum of the squares of the correlations with the axes, and thus with the eigen value associated to the axis. This modification has been suggested by Mr. Gilbert Laffond.

During the calculation of the confidence interval of the PLS regression coefficients (PLS CONF. INTERVAL), an error may occur when the requested number of axes was upper than the number of predictor variables. It is now corrected. This error has been reported by Mr. Alain Morineau.

In some circumstances, an error may occur in FISHER FILTERING, especially when Tanagra is run under Wine for Linux. We introduce some additional checking. This error has been reported by Mr. Bastien Barchiési.

The checking of missing values is now optional. The performance can be preferred for the treatment of very large files. We find the performances of 1.4.41 and previous versions.

The "COMPONENT / COPY RESULTS" menu sends information in HTML format. It is now compatible with the spreadsheet Calc of Libre Office 3.5.1. It was operating with the Excel spreadsheet only before. Curiously, the copy to the OOCalc (Open Office spreadsheet) is not possible at the present time (Open Office 3.3.0).

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