Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sipina add-on for OOCalc

Combining a spreadsheet with the data mining tools is essential for the popularity of these last ones. Indeed, when we deal with a moderate sized dataset (thousands of rows and tens of variables), the spreadsheet is a practical tool for the data preparation. This is also a valuable tool for the preparation of the reports. It is thus not surprising that Excel, and generally speaking a spreadsheet, is one the most used tool by data miners.

Both Tanagra and Sipina provide an add-on for Excel. The add-on enables to insert a data mining tool menu into the spreadsheet. The user can select and send the dataset to Tanagra (or Sipina), which is automatically launched. But, only Tanagra provides an add-on for Open Office Calc and Libre Office Calc. It is not available for Sipina.

This omission has been corrected for this new version of Sipina (Sipina 3.9). In this tutorial, we show how to install and use the “SipinaLibrary.oxt” add-on for Open Office Calc 3.3.0 (OOCalc). The process is the same for Libre Office 3.5.1.

Keywords: calc, open office, libre office, oocalc, add-on, add-in, sipina
Tutorial: en_sipina_calc_addon.pdf
Dataset: heart.xls
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