Monday, September 28, 2009

Using batch mode for Tanagra

For large simulations, it is more convenient to use BATCH mode capabilities of Tanagra rather than opening interactive session. This is the case for instance when we compare the performance of various algorithms on the same dataset; when we try to find automatically the best parameters for a learning method; when we repeat the same treatment on different datasets, etc. In these contexts, it is more useful to save the diagrams in text mode (.TDM file format). It will be easier to handle it outside TANAGRA, with a text editor for instance.

In this tutorial, we want to compare the performances of the naïve bayes classifier with and without the feature selection process. We know that the naïve bayes classifier is highly sensitive to irrelevant features. The goal of this tutorial is to evaluate the efficiency of the FCBF feature selection method in this context.

Keywords: batch mode, supervised learning, naive bayes, feature selection, experiments
Tutorial: english_dr_utiliser_tanagra_en_mode_batch.pdf