Sunday, September 25, 2011

A PRIORI PT updated

A PRIORI PT is a tool dedicated for the extraction of association rules. This is one of the few components of Tanagra based on external library. We use the Borgelt's "apriori.exe" program. Until the version 1.4.40 of Tanagra, we used the 4.31 version of "apriori.exe". From the Tanagra 1.4.41, we introduce the latest update 5.57 (2011/09/02). Even if the settings of the tool are slightly modified, we observe that the extracted rules and the readings of the results are identical.

We take again a former tutorial to describe the behavior of this component (Association Rule Learning using A PRIORI PT). Thus, we do not detail the construction of the diagram here. We try above all to highlight the improvement of the library, especially about the computation time. We observe that this improvement is really impressive.

Keywords: association rule, large dataset
Components: A priori PT
Tutorial: en_Tanagra_AprioriPT_Updated.pdf
Reference: C. Borgelt, "A priori - Association Rule Induction / Frequent Item Set Mining"