Monday, November 3, 2008

Association rule learning using APRIORI PT

In this tutorial, we show how to build association rule on a large dataset using an external program.

Our implementation of A PRIORI is fast but needs a lot of memory that limits its performances when we treat a big dataset or generate numerous rules. I have discovered the Christian BORGELT’s work, he proposes a very powerful association rule generator, which can handle huge dataset and is very fast.

To execute its implementation, we integrated a new approach in TANAGRA: the launching and the control of an external program. At the time of the execution, we create a temporary file, which we transmit to his program (APRIORI.EXE). Then the rules are automatically downloaded and displayed.

Keywords: association rule, large dataset
Components: A priori PT
Tutorial: en_Tanagra_A_Priori_Prefix_Tree.pdf
Reference: C. Borgelt, "A priori - Association Rule Induction / Frequent Item Set Mining"