Sunday, November 9, 2008

Measures of association for ordinal variables

In this tutorial, we show how to use TANAGRA for measuring the association between ordinal variables.

All the measures that we present here rely on the concept of pairs. If, in a theoretical point of view, the measures intended for continuous attributes such as correlation are not convenient in our context, in the practical point of view, we display, in this tutorial, that it nevertheless gives interesting results for the studying the dependence between ordinal variables.

Keywords: concordant and discordant pairs, contingency table, goodman and kruskal's gamma, kendall's tau-c, sommers's d
Components: Goodman Kruskal Gamma, Kendall Tau-c, Sommers d, Linear Correlation
Tutorial: en_Tanagra_Measures_of_Association_Ordinal_Variables.pdf
Dataset: blood_pressure_ordinal_association.xls
D. Garson, « Measures of association », in Statnotes : Topics in Multivariate Analysis.