Friday, October 31, 2008

OOo Calc file handling using an add-in

In the same way that it is possible to transfer data directly into EXCEL using an add-in (see Excel Add-in), we have developed an add-in for the Calc spreadsheet Open Office (Open Office Calc).

The procedure is the same. When installing TANAGRA, the add-in is automatically installed on the disk. We have to plug in Open Office Calc following a specific procedure. The add-in is available since version 1.4.12 TANAGRA. The development and testing have been made with version 2.1.0 (French) Open Office.

This tutorial describes how to install the add-in Open Office Calc. Two documents are available: (1) classical pdf describes steps with screen shots (2) an animated tutorial (Adobe Flash format, in English, but the menus are all in French).

Keywords : data file importation, open office calc spreadsheet, add-in
Components : View Dataset
Tutorial : en_Tanagra_OOoCalc_Addon.pdf
Animated tutorial : from_OOoCalc_To_Tanagra.htm
Dataset : breast.ods