Friday, October 31, 2008

Import tab-separated text file (csv)

TANAGRA can handle text file format. Columns are delimited by tabulations. The first line corresponds to the names of variables. In this tutorial, we show how to: (1) preparing this type of file, from a spreadsheet for instance; (2) import the data by creating a new diagram in Tanagra.

Caution, the decimal point of continuous variables depends on the configuration of your system. Tanagra does not handle also missing values.

The use of text files is to be preferred when processing big dataset i.e. in the order of several hundreds of thousands of rows. For moderate-sized files (several tens of thousands of individuals), it is better to use Excel format.

Keywords : data file importation, text file format
Components : Dataset
Tutorial : enImportDataset.pdf
Dataset : weather.xls