Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Python - Statistics with SciPy (slides)

This course material presents the use of some modules of SciPy, a library for scientific computing in Python. We study especially the stats package, it allows to perform statistical tests such as comparison of means for independent and related samples, comparison of variances, measuring the association between two variables. We study also the cluster package, especially the k-means and the hierarchical agglomerative clustering algorithms.

SciPy handles NumPy vectors and matrices which were presented previously.

Keywords: python, numpy, scipy, descriptive statistics, cumulative distribution functions, sampling, random number generator, normality test, test for comparing populations, pearson correlation, spearman correlation, cluster analysis, k-means, hac, dendrogram
Slides: scipy.stats and scipy.cluster
Dataset and programs: SciPy - Programs and dataset
References :
SciPy Reference Guide sur SciPy.org
Python - Official Site