Monday, July 2, 2012

Introduction to SAS proc logistic

In my courses at the University, I use only free data mining tools (R, Tanagra, Sipina, Knime, Orange, etc.) and the spreadsheet applications (free or not). Sometimes, my students ask me if the commercial tools (e.g. SAS which is very popular in France) have different behavior, in terms of how to use, or for the reading of the results. I say them that some of these commercial tools are available on the computers of our department. They can learn how to use them by taking as a starting point the tutorials available on the Web.

But unfortunately, especially in the French language, they are not numerous about the logistic regression. We need a didactic document with clear screenshots which show how to: (1) import a data file into a SAS bank; (2) define an analysis with the appropriate settings; (3) read and understand the results.

In this tutorial, we describe the use of the SAS PROC LOGISTIC (SAS 9.3). We measure its quickness when we handle a moderate sized dataset. We compare the results with those of Tanagra 1.4.43.

Keywords: sas, proc logistic, binary logistic regression
Tutorial: en_Tanagra_SAS_Proc_Logistic.pdf
References :
SAS - "The LOGISTIC Procedure"
Tanagra - "Logistic regression - Software comparison"
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