Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ARS into the SIPINA package

Association Rule Software (ARS) is a basic tool which extracts association rules from attribute-value datasets (categorical or binary attributes). It is distributed with the SIPINA package which includes: a tool for the supervised learning framework, especially the decision tree induction (SIPINA RESEARCH); a tool for the linear regression (REGRESS); and thus, ARS for the association rule mining.

ARS encodes automatically the categorical attributes in dummy variables. If you want use a continuous attributes, you must discretize them before.

This tutorial describes shortly the use of the Association Rule Software (ARS). Compared with the previous version, the GUI of the one incorporated into the SIPINA 3.8 package is simplified.

Keywords: association rule mining, support, confidence, lift, conviction
Download: Sipina setup file
Tutorial: How to use ARS
Wikipedia - Association rule learning