Friday, August 27, 2010

Sipina add-in for Excel

The data importation is a bottleneck for Data Mining Tools. The majority of users are working with a spreadsheet tool such as Excel, mainly in the coupling with specialized software for data mining (see KDnuggets polls). Therefore, a recurring issue for users is "how to send my data from Excel to SIPINA?"

It is possible to import different types of formats into SIPINA. About Excel workbooks, one particular device has been implemented.

An add-in is automatically copied to the computer during the installation process. It must be integrated into Excel. The add-in incorporates a new menu into Excel. After selecting the data range, the user only has to activate it, this leads to the following: (1) SIPINA starts automatically, (2) the data are transferred via the clipboard and (3) SIPINA considers the first row of the range of cells corresponds to the names of variables, (4) columns with numerical values of the variables are quantitative (5) columns with alphanumeric values are categorical variables.

Unlike the other tutorials, the sequence of manipulations is described in a video. The description is right only for the versions up to Excel 2003. Another tutorial about the using of the add-in under Office 2007 and Office 2010 is described below.

Keywords: excel file format, add-in, decision tree
Installing the add-in : sipina_xla_installation.htm
Using the add-in: sipina_xla_processing.htm