Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Interactive decision tree learning with Spad

In this tutorial, we will be interested in SPAD. This is a French software specialized in exploratory data analysis which evolved much these last years. We would perform a sequence of analysis from a dataset collected into 3 worksheets of a Excel data file: (1) we create a classification tree from the learning sample into the first worksheet, we try to analyze deeply some nodes of the tree to highlight the characteristics of covered instances, we try also to modify interactively (manually) the properties of some splitting operation; (2) we apply the classifier on unseen cases of the second worksheet; (3) we compare the prediction of the model with the actual values of the target attribute contained into the third worksheet.

Of course, we can perform this process using free tools such as SIPINA (the interactive construction of the tree) or R (the programming of the sequence of operations, in particular the applying of the model on unlabeled dataset). But with Spad or other commercial tools (e.g. SPSS Modeler, SAS Enterprise Miner, STATISTICA Data Miner…), we can very easily specify the whole sequence, even if we are not especially familiarized with data mining tools.

Keywords: decision tree, classification tree, interactive decision tree, spad, sipina, r software
Tutorial: en_Tanagra_Arbres_IDT_Spad.pdf
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