Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tanagra - Version 1.4.34

A component of induction of predictive rules (RULE INDUCTION) was added under "Supervised Learning" tab. Its use is described in a tutorial available online (will be translated soon).

The DECISION LIST component has been improved, we changed the test done during the pre-pruning process. The formula is described in the tutorial above.

The SAMPLING and STRATIFIED SAMPLING components (Instance Selection tab) have been slightly modified. It is now possible to set ourself the seed number of the pseudorandom number generator.

Following an indication of Anne Viallefont, calculation of degrees of freedom in tests on contingency tables is now more generic. Indeed, the calculation was wrong when the database was filtered and some margins (row or column) contained a number equal to zero. Anne, thank you for this information. More generally, thank you to everyone who sent me comments. Programming has always been for me a kind of leisure. The real work starts when it is necessary to check the results, compare them with the available references, cross them with other data mining tools, free or not, understand the possible differences, etc.. At this step, your help is really valuable.