Thursday, April 23, 2009

Launching Tanagra from OOo Calc under Linux

The integration of Tanagra into a spreadsheet, such as Excel or Open Office Calc (OOo Calc or OOCalc), is undoubtedly an advantage. Without special knowledge about the database format, the user can handle the dataset into a familiar environment, the spreadsheet, and send it to specialized tools for Data Mining when he want to lead more sophisticated analysis.

The add-on for OOCalc is initially created for Windows OS. Recently, I have described the installation and the utilization of Tanagra under Linux . The next step is of course the integration of Tanagra into OOCalc under Linux.Mr. Thierry Leiber has realized this work for the 1.4.31 version of Tanagra. He has extended the existing add-on. We can launch Tanagra from OOCalc now, either under Windows and Linux. The add-on was tested under the following configurations: Windows XP + OOCalc 3.0.0; Windows Vista + OOCalc 3.0.1; Ubuntu 8.10 + OOCalc 2.4; Ubuntu 8.1 + OOCalc 3.0.1.

This document extends a previous tutorial, but we work now under the Linux environment (Ubuntu 8.10). All the screen shots are in French because my OS is in French, but I think the process is the same for Linux with other language configuration.

Keywords: open office calc, add-on, principal component analysis, PCA, correlation circle, illustrative variable, linux, ubuntu 8.10 intrepid ibex
Tutorial: en_Tanagra_OOCalc_under_Linux.pdf
Dataset: cereals.xls
Tanagra, « Connection with Open Office Calc »
Tanagra, « Tanagra under Linux »