Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lift Curve - CoIL Challenge 2000

The detection of potential customers is an essential task for data miners. TANAGRA now has new tools to perform this kind of task.

We use the dataset of the CoIL Challenge 2000 (CoIL Challenge 2000): targeting customers which will subscribe a particular insurance policy.

There were 2 datasets: (1) A learning set with 5822 examples. Target attribute is CLASS, there are 85 otherdescriptors, and 43 among them are socio-demographic attributes according of thezip code of the customer. (2) An unlabeled validation set of 4000 examples. We know that there are 238 positive examples in this dataset.

The challenge is to return to the organizers a file with 800 examples that contains the mostpositive customers.

Keywords: scoring, ciblage marketing, analyse discriminante, courbe lift, gain chart
Components: Supervised learning, Linear discriminant analysis, Select examples, Scoring, Lift curve
Tutorial: en_Tanagra_Scoring.pdf