Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tanagra - Version 1.4.31

Thierry Leiber has improved the add-on making the connection between Tanagra and Open Office. It is now possible, under Linux, to install the add-on for Open Office and launch Tanagra directly after selecting the data (see the tutorials on installing Tanagra under Linux and the integration of add-on in Open Office Calc). Thierry, thank you very much for this contribution which helps the users of Tanagra.

Following a suggestion of Mr. Laurent Bougrain, the confusion matrix is added to the automatic saving of results in experiments. Thank you to Laurent, and all others, who by their constructive comments helps me upgrade Tanagra in the right direction.

In addition, two new components for regression using the support vector machine principle (support vector regression) were added: Epsilon-Nu-SVR and SVR. A tutorial shows these methods and compare our results with the R software will be available soon. Tanagra, as with the R package "e1071", are based on the famous LIBSVM library.

Tutorials about these releases are coming soon.